Be green to be seen

nešto više

To develop sustainable tourism agency to decrease and/or prevent negative effects of tourism on the environment and cultural heritage, as well as to support the growth of green economy.

Corn Dishes


We will use corn stalk as a raw material to make disposable, biodegradable, containers or dishes, firewood pellets, thermal insulation, and other things.


Smart kolektiv

Supporting the youth without parental care on their way to financial independence after leaving the institution by employing them in a delivery service company focused on the best customer experience.

Football Frame


Football Frame will use the power of a digital platform and fun offline activities to promote football as an incredible tool for social change.

Happy bed


Happy bed turns trash into treasure. What if everyone treated mother earth the same way you treated your pet?


Balkan Green Foundation

Aims to promote climate action, health and wellbeing, and life on land through practices of composting in order to reduce the ecological footprint.

MIA Bags Handcrafted

Balkan Green Foundation

Transforms the waste of furniture fabrics into attractive and unique products. As such, the endeavour presents an eco-friendly business approach that will contribute to waste reduction and income generation for the people involved in the production.

ReUse Center


A one-stop destination for sustainable consumption; a place where you’ll be able to donate goods, buy pre-loved clothes, books and home-décor, and attend educational events on circular economy.

Skopje goes ZeroWaste


On a mission to make the world less trashy. The end goal is to raise awareness of the importance of waste management, to open a zero-waste store in Skopje, and to expand it to other cities.

Social Farm “Emanuel and friends”

Yunus Social Business Balkans

Focusing on alpine goats and some organic farming crops potential of the farm, they support the children's centers implemented by the Mission Emanuel Foundation, through the provision of quality agricultural products

Women on the Way

Smart kolektiv

This team has an idea to establish a clothing brand that will create job opportunities for women refugees living in Serbia while encouraging social dialogue.


Yunus Social Business Balkans

The group of girls aims to create a small business that provides jobs for women in various social situations, abused women, Roma or single mothers, by creating handicraft products and a secure working environment.



Yunus Social Business Balkans

The self-service restaurant will serve as a social business with a reserved schedule for people in need and those in street situations. The surplus food will go to charity in social centers, asylums, orphanages, etc.



A platform for connecting students and instructors or teachers. It offers easy course creation, interactive elements, and style of learning and focuses on the structure and importance of knowledge.

Civic education of national minorities


LAW OFFICE, it will pro-bono provide legal assistance to social cases and members of national minorities and educate them about their civilly guaranteed rights, using modern communication technologies.

Cleo - Green solutions


A local green brand that aims to reduce the amount of waste polluting our environment by designing various products for waste selection in homes and offices.


Balkan Green Foundation

The idea is to involve farmers from socially vulnerable groups, and to create a sustainable market for their produce. Those would be organic and produced locally, thus having a smaller eco-footprint.

First step for Eco-cap


Plastic waste greatly affects the environment because it decomposes for a long time. By collecting plastic bottle caps we will reuse the material and using 3D modeling and printing we can turn them into attractive and practical items for your choice and use.

Fortress Bros


Our mission is to turn the forgotten and unused potentials of Austro-Hungarian forts in Montenegro into a valid touristic offer.



City Gardens to be created throughout the city of Skopje, new standards for urban planning to be sat, in addition, the great need for greenery to be met.


Smart kolektiv

The team consists of five students of Special Education and Rehabilitation passionate to influence the local community by promoting and selling products made by individuals with disabilities and organisations that gather them.

Greendoor classroom


Our idea is to establish an outdoor learning ambient, with focus on ecological camp for kids and practical knowledge workshop for adults. Creating green integral classroom, open center for sustainable living.

House of Urnebes


Culture Hostel and Creation House with a built-in recording studio and art atelier will provide a space where foreign and Serbian artists can affordably create, collaborate, and explore Serbian culture for inspiration.

I ♥ Green

Balkan green foundation

The objective of the initiative is to present attractive T-shirts, hoodies and socks with environmental awareness raising messages. Additionally, the selling of the products is foreseen to contribute to increase of green public areas by planting a tree for each product sold.


Nešto više

To Recycle and re-use old clothing fabrics which will be given a new look and purpose and save environment.

Kelcyra Organic


The team’s idea is a collecting point of products from Kelcyra and Permet areas. These local products mainly produced by local women will become part of the brand name that represents the locality Kelcyra Organic.

Keramička šolja je bolja


Team of two enthusiastic women, with the mission to make a difference in a world full of waste. They aim to change the mindset of people in Serbia, one mug to go at a time, by producing mugs to go from clay.



To promote production 100% organic eatable, medical and ornamental plants on unused and uncultivated land.

L.O.L - law of love


Unique and Innovative method to raise the awareness for direct philanthropy in the community through an interactive model that includes promoting and placing coin machines - spiral wishing wells.

MAK Services

Yunus Social Business Balkans

An After School founded by a team with the necessary potential which serves to meet all the needs of customers that Covid emphasized, even more care to meet all the needs to accomplish and understand all school tasks.

Monte Medical


Platform will facilitate the availability of healthcare services in the current pandemic, which is especially useful to vulnerable groups. Services for the patients in need would be free of charge.



The hedonistic culinary workshop which provides an opportunity for participants to learn how to prepare traditional Montenegrin food while enjoying spectacular views in a natural environment.


Yunus Social Business Balkans

An innovative and integrated psychological service for young people, which is offered according to the community model and focuses on the individual by a group of specialized and experienced social entrepreneurs.

Precious Plastic Albania


A recycling company, that uses recycled and collected plastic waste to create interior, furniture and products made to order, unique and well designed by employing and training marginalized community members and young people in need.

Regional Youth Camping Darzezë

Yunus Social Business Balkans

The camp is an opportunity to promote tourism in Darzeze and seasonal employment of young people in the area. With accommodation in tents, food, guides for exploring the area and various entertainment this camp is a sustainable tourism agent.



An innovative and environmentally conscious project, aimed at preserving our environment and recycling hard-to-use raw materials. To recycle old tires and other types of rubber into products that benefit local community like playgrounds and sports fields.

Saga centar


This team will write and translate books for preschoolers that will talk about inclusion and children's rights. Special thing about these books is that they will be illustrated by marginalized children


Balkan green foundation

Offers natural, local and zero-waste hygiene and self-care products. It advocates a sustainable lifestyle while raising awareness about environmental issues.

Solidarity Shop Berat

Yunus Social Business Balkans

A gathering point in the city, with all the products that have the characteristics and quality of the area, can be gathered, by promoting and providing an opportunity to more families, who dedicate all their time and life to local quality products in Berat.

Taste the nature


Our plan is to make the biggest digital base of agricultural manufacturers and service providers of rural tourism on Balkan.

Te Ti

Yunus Social Business Balkans

The home health services provided by the team will be multidisciplinary, coordinated and personalized. The focus of these services is all those in need, in the Municipality of Shkodra, especially elderly patients with chronic debilitating diseases.

The Green Pinwheel


By developing this platform for circular economy projects, these three young musketeers from Skopje will impact the production of negative carbon footprint, the climate, the creation of jobs, and the youth.

Urban Gardening

Balkan Green Foundation

Aims to increase greenery in people’s homes, while also educating and training people who are willing to increase green spaces and produce/sell fresh products.



The team is creating intelligent software to serve everyone who wants to convert their vehicle into a greener one.



Click the winery! A platform that connects wine lovers with wineries and enables them to book a visit to the winery whose offer meets their requirements and preferences.



To serve for the development of human resources and the identification of key skills that are currently underused because of lack of experience of potential employees.

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This project is supported by the Agence Française de Développement and Regional Youth Cooperation Office. However, the ideas and opinions presented in this document do not necessarily represent those of AFD and RYCO

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