Strengthening Intercultural Communication: A Workshop for VET Providers in the Western Balkans

Cross-cultural communication has become increasingly important in today’s globalized world. As RISE Project aims to foster reconciliation in the Western Balkans through social entrepreneurship, it’s essential to understand different cultures and work together effectively. That’s why, with the support of the European Union, the French German Youth Office recently led a training session on cross-cultural communication for six VET Providers in the western Balkans region.


The workshop focused on cultural imprints – those indicators that influence our attitudes and behaviour towards others. Participants learned about the definition of culture and how it shapes our world-view. They were encouraged to learn from each other and share their experiences and perspectives.

One of the key challenges discussed was intercultural diversity in a group setting. This can lead to misunderstandings and conflict if not properly addressed. Through the workshop, participants gained skills to support entrepreneurs on intercultural learning, which will be essential in the implementation of their support programme, the RISE Journey.


The workshop highlighted the importance of understanding and respecting cultural differences. Culture is a constantly evolving mental programming shared by a group of people to organize themselves in terms of space, time, and relationship. By recognizing and embracing cultural diversity, businesses and organizations can create a more inclusive and collaborative environment.

Overall, the cross-cultural communication workshop provided invaluable knowledge and skills to the participants, and will undoubtedly have a positive impact on their work in the future. As we continue to navigate a globalized world, understanding and respecting different cultures will be more important than ever.

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