ARNO, Skopje

An organization for Social Innovation established in the civil landscape with a special mission of development and implementation of social innovation and promotion of new options and contemporary approaches for society change. Based in Skopje, ARNO is the voice of social change and innovation, which believes that their voice can be spread regionally and internationally.

Balkan Green Foundation, Prishtina

A regional organization that promotes inclusive and equitable progress within the Western Balkans on sustainable development domain. Along with its partner organizations, BGF places a strong focus on advocating for solutions that promote development policies, which are in line with the world’s latest developments, global challenges and national agendas for EU integration.

Nešto Više, Sarajevo

A non-governmental organization established in 1997 by a group of young people experienced in working with organizations from the civil society sector. It encourages positive change in society by giving individuals and groups the opportunity to build, through formal and informal education, networking, work, shared experiences, and help, others into competent and responsible leaders who believe in themselves and others for openness and belonging to their society.

Smart Kolektiv, Belgrade

Smart Kolektiv is an organization guided by the idea of connecting business and society in finding ways to apply business logic and experience to the solution of social problems. Organization is dedicated to the development of corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship in Serbia. Through combination of training, mentoring, B2B partnerships and access to social finance instruments we support social actors, young and impact entrepreneurs to become more innovative, sustainable and impactful. 

IEC Tehnopolis, Nikšić

IEC Tehnopolis works on development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial community based on the scientific and research work, development and implementation of new technologies, knowledge-based growth, commercialization of innovations and establishing more intensive cooperation between the scientific community and the economy. Additionally, IEC Tehnopolis tends to build entrepreneurial mindset within all generations, through diverse training and education programs, with aim to improve their entrepreneurial skills and competences. 

Yunus Social Business Balkans, Tirana

YSB Balkans is part of YSB Global Initiatives, a network of entities supporting the creation and growth of social impact businesses around the world. It aims to address social issues through the supporting development of startups/businesses that have potential to create social impact for the society in Western Balkans. YSB does this through running entrepreneurship promotion campaigns, implementing incubation/acceleration and investment readiness programs, facilitating access to financing and supporting development of an enabling entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region.

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