RISE Journey 2

Discover the ideas of social enterprises that took part in the ideation or incubation chapter of RISE Journey 2.

Good Health And Well Being

35 Degrees

35degrees is a toilet stool that positions your body in a natural squat. This toilet posture helps to be healthier by preventing diseases such as: colitis, appendicitis, hemorrhoids, constipation and colon cancer.

Advising young moms

Advising young moms aims to provide the easy and healthy way of creating a yummy homemade food for babies.



Droplet team wants to create an application facilitating blood donation. Within Droplet, users can access a compatibility table, making it simple to identify donors whose blood type aligns with their specific requirements. This ensures safer and more effective transfusions.



Their idea is to create a center that offers psycho-social service.


We Help

Sport academy for kids ( 6-14 years old ) , sport services & games for kids with special needs.

Quality Education


Camp is an open-air kindergarten designed to educate children about nature and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.


Dandelion Center

Their idea includes educational and entertainment services for children. It will have a social impact by coming to the aid of two target groups; children and parents at the same time.Services will be offered also for kids with special needs,


Earth Soldiers

Earth Soldiers aims to raise children’s awareness of ecological issues through its summer camp and workshops.


Their idea is to increase the quality of the formal education for everyone, especially children from vulnerable social categories, and to help talented pupils reach their full potential.


Pa, to sam mog'o i ja

Two young art historians from Belgrade have decided to tackle this problem and launch a podcast that would primarily open new opportunities for young people to explore contemporary art in an accessible, understandable and fun way.


Skillz Academy

Their idea is to develop an online educational platform that helps people to learn the most wanted tech and soft skills through videos, books and challenges. This platform will be free for the people that can’t afford it, their mission is to make education accessible for everyone.

Affordable And Clean Energy

Green Energy Wind

Green Energy Wind aims to combine solar and wind energy in a single solution.



They aim to decrease the price of electricity bills by 30% and reduce 500kg of CO2 emissions from each household.

Decent Work And Economic Growth

Čisto na KlIk

It’s a cleaning agency where mothers can bring their children to work and teach them work habits will, among other things, make it possible to spend this time together, because time spent with children and parents is invaluable.


Cultural Routes

The team wants to create new cultural tourism itineraries in Teslić involving the local skills of its community


Montenegro Explore

The Explore MNE site will be related to the promotion of various activities in Montenegro, the valorization of the natural and cultural heritage of our country as well as the promotion of domestic products.


Reality Escapers Albania

Reality Escapers Albania is a sustainable tourism agency in the region of Vlora offering a wide range of services: hiking, kayaking and birdwatching.


StarNuts Albania

StarNuts Albania wants to produce hazelnuts in its village while employing women.


Teo Team

The team wants to open a private employment office aiming to train unemployed people, mainly students and people with special needs.



Thesarë aims to become the foremost sustainable ethical fashion brand in their community that will produce and sell ethical clothes made by the hands of the people from the NEET community. The idea is to train people from the NEET Community to make clothe.


Travel with Stars

Astrotourism is a new field in the region and they are determined to develop it as much as possible.


Smilje, magično bilje

The Smilje, magic plants team plans to offer a high-quality, natural and socially responsible product to domestic and foreign markets through the production of this oil. In addition, the mission of the girls who make up this team is to support and empower the local population and the small producers who will be included in their production chain.

Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure


Glassic intends to create a support system in our community more specifically for local farmers and at the same time protect our environment through used glass management.


Mountain Ways

United by their love for mountain, the team will work on the development of an application that aims to solve the problem of navigating and crowds on the ski slopes and to contribute to the pleasure and safety of both skiers and hikers during the summer months in the mountains.

Reduced Inequalities


Ambrosia specialises in making delectable confectionery, such as cakesicles and cake pops, while making a positive change in its community. Ambrosia aims to empower women from the Roma community by engaging them in the cake-making business.



A team of social workers has joined forces to launch a business that will give disabled people in Indjija the opportunity to create, develop and earn a secure income. This business aims to address one of the main problems that our fellow citizens face on a daily basis: social exclusion and economic insecurity.


Izađi u bar

The idea of ​​this group from Novi Sad is to start a cafe that, in addition to an attractive location and a carefully selected range of drinks, would provide employment opportunities for transgender people as well as other LGBT people who have difficulties. when finding a job due to discrimination.


One Place

Online platform for single-parents including psychological support, legal support, social support, introduction of preventive trainings on various topics that will help them.


Smart ideas Remove Barriers

The team wants to design High-Tech aids for people with disabilities.

Responsible Production And Consumption


The Bedpack team has decided to set up a company that will use recycled materials and textile waste to make pet beds, and then set aside part of the profits to make specially designed, comfortable sleeping bags that will be made available to the homeless in Belgrade.


Eco Shop Albania

Eco Shop Albania is a company that offers the best eco-friendly products for everyday use, including personal care products, accessories and much more! Its mission is to replace everyday plastic with products that don’t harm our planet.


Eco Solution Research

By linking urbanism and chemical engineering, this idea aims to reduce environmental pollution by enabling an organic cycle of reuse from food waste by creating a fertilizer as a profitable product to be exported. It also involves marginalized groups in the project and aims to raise residents’ awareness of waste reuse and their benefits.

Eco Toys

The team offers toys and furniture for kids made of natural materials instead of plastic.



The arts and crafts academy will teach young people, disabled people and women involved in arts and crafts to make creations from materials that have already been used, to recycle them and to manufacture products for sale.


Glam Up With You Headteacher

Online platform for second hand clothes and promoting sustainable fashion


Green hospitality

The team called Green hospitality came up with the idea to design a green catering standard, a service that would help caterers make their business greener and more sustainable and provide customers with a quality, local product that will be recognized in the community as eco friendly.


Old King's

OLD KING’S wanna produce soft ice cream with milk from local farmers. OLD KING’s wants to focus on adding value to their organic ice cream by establishing itself as a reputable ice cream company.



Prezla will create and develop a platform/application that will enable restaurants (shops, bakeries, patisseries, producers, etc.) to sell daily surpluses and food that is about to expire at a better price and thus generate income instead of waste.


Rooftop Roots

Urban gardening, which involves growing fruits, vegetables and / or herbs on the roofs and terraces of buildings.



Swap Team wants to produce reusable cups and lunch box.


Yes For Less

Yes for Less is the first platform in North Macedonia to help you find all the information you need for a more sustainable lifestyle in one place.

Climate Action

Rooftop Roots

Urban gardening, which involves growing fruits, vegetables and / or herbs on the roofs and terraces of buildings.


Social Gardens

The idea is for Montenegro to get its own botanical garden, ie to form a small incubator for plants, a place where they will be planted, propagated, germinated, etc., it is a place for socializing, learning and exchanging plants. They would label plants and have educational workshops with children and adults.

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