RISE Journey 4

3D Masters-etno-products

3D Masters

3D Masters is an idea to establish service to help promoting local ethno-tourism by creating and making different kind of cultural promotional objects 


Aiden Academy

AIDEN Academy will be an ideal place for young people who want to learn about robotics and artificial intelligence, offer specialized courses and work with local schools to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in their studies.


Albanian Fun Experience

Albanian Fun Experience is a tourist guide idea for Climbing , Rafting , Cayaking , Biking and Paragliding.



The team wants to create a pet hotel for dogs and cats, ensuring their safety and comfort while owners are away. Their services include accommodation, pet care, and staff-led walks.


Argetim pa pagese, pleherat ne thes

To combat city pollution, the team promote interactive garbage disposal in designated areas, engaging residents of all ages and backgrounds. Starting in Tirana, their goal is to expand this initiative nationwide.


Beach Master

The team wants to create an app to digitize beachfront businesses, enabling online sunbed reservations and payments. It also facilitates digital donations for public beaches. A seamless solution for beachgoers and community support.


Bejme detyrat e shtepise

The team will help orphan children on process of doing homeworks after school.



Biohide is an idea for the production of biodegradable leather, made from Kombucha, as raw material in North Macedonia and the Balkans.



In Kosovo*, the lack of safe spaces for LGBTQ+ communities makes it necessary to create a centre to foster unity, empowerment and cultural development. Offering workspaces, stage opportunities and networking, Bubble, the first queer pub, seeks to learn, evolve and drive change.


Camp Fest Kosova

They aim to nurture a healthier, unified community using art, literature, and theater. By fostering awareness, the team will bridge ethnic divides and empower all ages to contribute to building a healthier, harmonious society.



Celilicious is an idea for a gluten-free bakery in Skopje and North Macedonia, providing baked goods for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.



COMBO is an idea for a creative studio and artisan collective that turns trash into treasure, from clothes to furniture, and everything in between, giving new life to old objects.



The team wants to solve the problem of public transportation usage through platform development 


Creative Mind

Creative mind is an idea for achieving financial independence for persons with mental disabilities through the production of jewelry from natural materials.


Culture Hub

Their goal is to establish a creative hub, uniting artists to elevate cultural awareness in Malisheva, an underrepresented city. They emphasize the significance of cultural performances and the broader cultural landscape.



DIGISPARK, a digital agency, provides a comprehensive suite of services. This includes crafting marketing materials (both digital and outdoor), tailored marketing strategies, and web page development for businesses.


Eco Farm

Empowering local farmers, we provide organic, pesticide-free products for gastronomy and combat fast food culture, revitalizing lands and offering premium local organic options.



They enable youth to be properly informed about educational opportunities.



Ekobomba team wants to develop the product that serves to fast and efficient greening and reforestation.


Experience Gjirokastra

They’re dedicated to showcasing our city’s artisans to the world, ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction. Their ultimate aim is to consistently exceed expectations and celebrate local talent with global appeal.


For All Generations

They wants to establish social business venture for providing diffrent kind of services for old, sick and other people in need (medicine delivery, food delivery, paying bills ..) 


From "I" to "We"

They advocate for pre-marriage counseling in Kosovo*, acknowledging its importance in addressing relationship issues, family backgrounds, and mental health, particularly for children.



They repurpose waste materials into eco-friendly lighting solutions, reducing waste, environmental impact, and promoting sustainability. Their initiative addresses local waste issues, fosters eco-awareness, and meets the demand for sustainable products.



To empower Serbian youth by bridging the information gap, the “Idemo” (Let’s go) team is developing a web and mobile app. This platform facilitates information access, supports local artists, and fosters community engagement.


Legal Eye

Legal Eye an idea for an online platform in the Macedonian language that enables learning and understanding of law through an inclusive and interactive approach, to improve the quality of knowledge and legal services for citizens.


Link In Bio

A family estate in Tara envisions a multifaceted rural haven, blending culture, sports, education, and nature. Visitors can savor the valley’s beauty, engage in art, local cuisine, and hands-on product-making. The estate emphasizes activities for youth, fostering social connections and reducing screen time.


M.I.ART Galerija

The team wants to enable creative/artistic workshops for women in rural areas.



The team wants to make an innovative online platform that enables students who are prevented from attending regular in-person classes due to disability, illness, or other reasons to catch up on missed educational content.



The team wants to make an innovative online platform that enables students who are prevented from attending regular in-person classes due to disability, illness, or other reasons to catch up on missed educational content.


Neutral Fashion Lab

The team focus in sustainable dyeing methods, harnessing the potential of natural alternatives to minimize water use and environmental impact. They aim to transform trendy-colored clothing into universally wearable black attire.



The team wants to establish garden where educations for youth about agriculture are going to take a place and to promote and grow organic food.


Peace Park

The team wants to create an inclusive park with coffee/tea services staffed by individuals with Down Syndrome and others with different abilities. Providing North Mitrovica with a peaceful, community-centric space, supporting social and green entrepreneurship while engaging marginalized groups.


Personazhi je ti

The team wants to create personalized children books.


Pied Piper

The team is tackling urban alienation by launching a platform that harmonizes the online and offline realms. It empowers users to uncover local events, connect with kindred spirits, and forge genuine human bonds. With a mission to rejuvenate community, solidarity, and belonging, this platform enriches social cohesion and enhances life’s quality.



Polimorf team aims to revitalize the cultural landscape of New Belgrade through the establishment of a festival and cultural center, fostering the local artistic community and celebrating urban heritage.



The team aims to kindle a love for music in rural children around Novi Sad. They’ll conduct full-day music workshops in nearby villages, enabling kids to learn instruments, perform, and connect with music schools. Their initiative both supports young learners and contributes to preserving Serbia’s rural communities.



The team wants to create sustainable and environmentally friendly production of high quality art paper


Riciklim dhe Tradite

The team wants to create clothes, bags, office tools, decorative furniture through the recycling of textile waste and old pieces, traditional motifs interwoven with modern ones.


Riciklimi i punimeve artizanale

The team wants to recycle and remodel artisanal products, interweaving them with modern motifs as well as personalizing them according to the customer’s wishes.



An online platform facilitating collaborative reviews between consumers and experts to enhance the promotion of domestic products and services, optimizing buyer choices.

Studio Skulpture Personalizuar

Studio Skulpture Personalizuar

The idea consists of personalized 3-dimensional artwork.It is dedicated to well-being, family and healthy relationships.


Sun Smile

The idea combines installing solar panels on rooftops in a way that also serves as insulation for the roofs, with the dual purpose of environmental protection and energy efficiency.


Suvo Zlato

A business venture harmonizing gourmet quality with social impact. Their concept focuses on crafting premium prunes, ‘Dry Gold,’ through plum drying. It aims to integrate marginalized Ukrainian refugee women, fostering community inclusion, economic independence, and a practice that mutually benefits society and commerce.


Things Lab

Things Lab is a dynamic Albanian FabLab fostering innovation, education, and community collaboration for all ages and backgrounds. Our heart is in empowering people through creativity.


Trash Pinger

TrashPinger is an idea for the creation of a mobile application trying to improve the local waste management system and help them locate and clean wildland fields faster and easier.


Travel Tales

TravelTales is an idea to connect travelers with local guides across Macedonia’s urban and rural areas, fostering cultural exchange, regional cooperation, and sustainable tourism while creating employment opportunities and empowering local communities.


Use the Reused

The idea is to buy used clothes, so that they can be restyled or redesigned to be resold again at a favorable price.


Vision for a Better Future

Vision for a Better Future is an idea for the creation of an inclusive study book for individuals with visual impairments interested in learning the German language


Viva Young

The Požarevac team unites to boost environmental consciousness among youth, engaging them in conservation projects and community efforts. From tree planting to recycling workshops, they will inspire ecological awareness.



Their idea is to empower youth, foster unity, and shape a positive future. Together, they will combat negativity and hate on social media, creating a happier, youth-driven society.


Zajedničke niti (Common Threads)

Their team aims to establish a vocational center, empowering marginalized youth and Roma women through creative crafts, culture, and economic stability. Fostering integration, reducing bias, and enhancing community well-being.



The team aims to promote economic empowerment and reduce unemployment among artisans.

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