L'Agence Française de Développement

The Agence française de développement (AFD) Group helps to implement France’s development and international solidarity policies. Climate, biodiversity, peace, education, urban planning, health, governance… Their teams are involved in 4,200 projects with a strong social and environmental impact in the French Overseas Communities and more than 150 countries. In this way, they are contributing to France’s and the French people’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The European Union

Erasmus+ is the EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport for the period 2021-2027.
Education, training, youth and sport are key areas that support citizens in their personal and professional development.
High quality, inclusive education and training, as well as informal and non-formal learning, ultimately equip young
people and participants of all ages with the qualifications and skills needed for their meaningful participation in
democratic society, intercultural understanding and successful transition in the labour market.

RYCO (Regional Youth Cooperation Office)

RYCO is an intergovernmental organisation that stewards and promotes regional, cross-border and intercultural cooperation within and among its six Western Balkan Contracting Parties. RYCO’s unique governance system brings together government and civil society representatives to ensure young people are represented at all levels within the organisation. Its Local Branch Offices ensure RYCO is represented in all the six Contracting Parties, while its Head Office is the organisational hub.

FGYO (Franco German Youth Office)

The Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO) is an international organisation, located in Paris, Berlin and Saarbrücken, based on the Franco-German friendship agreement, the “Elysée Treaty”(1963). Its mission is to strengthen the dialogue between German and French youth, to awake curiosity in the partner language and to promote intercultural learning. Since 1976, the FGYO has expanded its activities in Central and South-Eastern Europe as well as the Mediterranean area to share the experiences of German-French youth exchange and reconciliation and to facilitate European key competences.


PULSE (SOS Group) is an association supporting positive impact entrepreneurship, created within SOS Group, Europe’s leading social enterprise. Our mission is to reinforce entrepreneurs who want to build a more united, inclusive, and sustainable world. We are currently located in 11 countries and we participate in the emergence of 250 talents every year. Our activity is focused on business incubation and program development to make entrepreneurship accessible thanks to training, mentoring, networking, and financing of project leaders.
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