RISE is dedicated to promoting social entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans region. Social entrepreneurship can lead to positive change and create lasting impact in local communities. Its resources and methodology are accessible to all aspiring social entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals keen to make a difference through innovative and impactful initiatives.


Design thinking is a method that aims to build a concrete and applicable solution. It allows you to have a concrete answer to your problem, verified and tested.

The study provides relevant data on the state of play of social and youth entrepreneurship in the region and lessons learnt from the Western Balkans 6.

The methodological kit provides practical tools, frameworks, and training materials to enhance the cultural competency and gender responsiveness of social entrepreneurship initiatives in the Western Balkans.

Dive into the world of social entrepreneurship with our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): Empowering Change – A Social Entrepreneurship’s Guide

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