RISE: Regional Incubators for Social Entrepreneurship with AFD support

With funding from L’Agence Francaise de Developpement, RISE enhances the capacity of the regional ecosystem, persistently aiding the six local structures in refining their support systems. Engaging in regional activities, RISE actively promotes social entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans, serving as a catalyst for economic inclusion, peace-building, and the reinforcement of social ties in the region.

Strengthening the Regional Ecosystem

Regional Network Strengthening

Organizing a 3-day study visit to France for local incubators to interact with key actors in social entrepreneurship.

RISE Journey Definition

Formation of programmatic committees to define and evaluate the RISE Journey, ensuring continuous improvement.

Peer Learning Sessions

Implementing interactive sessions for local incubators to learn from each other's practices and projects.


Digital Transformation and Content Development

Rebranding Strategy

Focusing on rejuvenating the RISE brand through new digital communication tools and a stronger online presence.

Inspiration Platform

Transforming the RISE website into an inspirational tool with a digital learning experience and engaging MOOC content.

Social Media Campaigns

Creating tailored social media content to raise awareness about social entrepreneurship, with a focus on youth and gender equality.

Advocacy and Promotion

Developing digital content and communication strategies to promote social entrepreneurship in the region through social networks, events, and videos.

Organizing regional forums to advocate for the recognition of social entrepreneurship and create a sustainable environment for its development.


Raising Awareness

Raising awareness among young people through participatory design-thinking workshops to identify and solve local problems.

Encouraging innovation and promoting the theme of reconciliation through a competitive hackathon event.

Ideation Chapter and Demo Day

Call For Applications

Launching each ideation phase, RISE invites young individuals (aged 18-35) from the Western Balkans to apply for the RISE Journey. Forming a group of at least two members, they must have identified a social/environmental problem and come up with an idea for solving it.

Ideation Chapter
Over 4 months, the Ideation Chapter, coordinated by PULSE and led by local incubators, equips young participants to transform ideas into sustainable social enterprises. Eight RISE-defined sessions, include training, workshops, mentoring, and regional online events.
Demo Days

At the end of the ideation phase, project leaders present their initiatives at a local incubator-organized demonstration day. An official jury selects the top 2 projects for the Incubation Chapter. The jury serves as both a selection panel and a networking opportunity.


Incubation Chapter and Mobility Program

Regional Bootcamp

Organizing a regional bootcamp to provide essential tools and knowledge for developing social enterprise projects.

Business Development Grants
Providing grants for project development, ongoing support, and in-depth training tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs.
Regional Mobility Program

Empowering the RISE project's regional dimension, the top three teams from each Demo-Day cycle will connect with their peers and regional social enterprises in the Western Balkans.

RISE Alumni and Community Building

RISE Community Animation

Creating a non-formal network of former RISE participants, providing access to communication platforms, specific campaigns, regional events, and opportunities.

Hajde! Program

Providing opportunities for personal development and regional networks of friendship and cooperation among young people.

Europe Tour

Twelve RISE Alumni will participate in a 4-day trip to Berlin and Paris. The study tour emphasizes intercultural aspects in international business.

RISE Award Competition

Implementation of a competition to highlight achievements and provide additional financial support to outstanding projects.

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