RISE Regional Mobility Program 2022 part 1

The RISE Regional Mobility Program has started! Since the beginning of May, Risers have been travelling to explore similar concepts of social entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans. 

Read their inspiring stories!

From Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina) to Nikšić (Montenegro) - Green Energy Wind

Veldin and Mensur from Green Energy Wind, a project that aims to create an innovative mini vertical wind turbine with a solar box, chose to go to Nikšić to meet IEC Tehnopolis. This local incubator offered them to use their 3D printer and CNC (computer numerical control) machine to make their prototype.

On this occasion, they met the team from the industrial laboratory of IEC Tehnopolis and learned from Mr Vucurovic about electricity generation from renewable resources. They also took the opportunity also to visit the first solar farm in Montenegro and learn about the experts’ experiences in the field.

Finally, Veldin and Mensur made time to meet other Montenegrian Risers,  Tamara from Prezla and Luka from Earth Soldiers, and relax by the seaside.

“I think the program went great in addition to the concrete work on the prototype. We had the honour to talk and learn from a great expert for green energy and to practically see what a solar farm looks like. It was great to visit the sea in Montenegro, and it was a pleasure to hang out and exchange opinions with other RISE teams.” – Veldin & Mensur

From Skopje (North Macedonia) to Belgrade (Serbia) - Yes For Less

Katerina and Sara from Yes for Less, a platform that helps people to find all the useful information about sustainable lifestyle, chose to go to Belgrade. This time they did not come for a touristic visit, but rather to meet local and inspiring people who are willing to do a positive change for the environment and society they live in.

During their trip, they met 3 entrepreneurs who told them stories of how they started their entrepreneurial journey and gave them valuable insights:

  • Sonja Dakic who is leading a mentorship program for people who want to start their own business.
  • Aleksandar and Milica from Zanaterija, an e-commerce gathering small manufacturers of clothing, jewellery, accessories, furniture, food and drinks.
  • Aleksandar from City&Me, an app connecting citizens of Nis to be active and act sustainably.

It was also an opportunity to meet again Jelena, the project manager of Smart Kolektiv, Ivana from RYCO, and Tijana from Minipogon. They told them more about how their organisations are driving a positive change in Belgrade and the Western Balkans through the local and regional projects they are implementing.

“This program exceeded our expectations. By meeting local entrepreneurs from Serbia, we managed to extend our knowledge on certain topics and learn things from their own experiences that would take us months to learn by looking them up on the internet! We are truly grateful for the opportunity and richer with a few more contacts that we could lean on for advice in the future.” – Katerina & Sara

From Vlora (Albania) to Peja and Priština (Kosovo*) - Reality Escapers Albania

Ornold and Ksenofon from Reality Escapers Albania, a project that aims to offer various outdoor tourism services in Albania, completed their regional mobility program in Peja and Priština. They recognized these cities as a potential market for their outdoor activities.

They decided to attend a 3-day training session on safety equipment and mountain rescue. The training was provided by experienced tour operator organisations: Balkan Natural Adventure, Alpin Club Prishtina, and two mountaineering associations: “Kastriori” from Ferizaj and “Marimangat” from Peja. Knowledge acquired will be of great help to them in the development of the Reality Escapers Albania project.

Moreover, they met with Burim Beqiri, the assistant Director of the University Medical College “Heimerer”, Mrs Krenare Gash, head of RYCO local office in Kosovo and the local incubator “Balkan Green Foundation”.

“The RISE regional mobility program was a great experience and good opportunity to create a network and collaboration with tour operators and mountaineering associations from Kosovo.” – Ornold & Ksenofon

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