Meet Nešto Više Project Manager


Now, we are trying to give as much as we can to our society. That’s one of the reason I and Nešto Više are supporting social entrepreneurs.

Adem Lisičić - Nešto Više Project Manager

What is Nešto Više?

UG Nešto Više has been providing nonformal education and practical work for the last 25 years for youth by training them to become entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities with great respect to nature and people. (UGNV)

How do you and your local incubator contribute to raising awareness of the importance of social entrepreneurship?

Our contribution to raising awareness about the importance of social entrepreneurship is through our social enterprise EkoDizajn and activities that we do through it, and actions that we do personally. (UGNV)

How are you helping young entrepreneurs in their project?

Helping young entrepreneurs have a multidisciplinary approach. We do mentoring, networking, non formal education and administrative support. (UGNV)

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