RISE Regional Mobility Program 2022 part 2

The RISE regional mobility program continues! During the month of June, Risers travel to explore similar social entrepreneurship concepts in the Western Balkans. 

Read their inspiring stories!

From Brčko (Bosnia and Herzegovina) to Belgrade (Serbia) - Droplet

As part of the mobility program that they were to implement, they chose Belgrade (Old Town) at the suggestion of their partners from the Red Cross Brcko who have good relations with the Red Cross Old Town. They decided that the whole team would participate in the mobility program in order to be motivated to work together on the project.

Their 4 member team first visited the RYCO office in Belgrade where they discussed their project and the RISE program itself, they also met with representatives of the RYCO office. In addition to this visit, they took the time to get to know Belgrade and visit famous places like Kalemegdan.

They then met the Red Cross representatives in the old town, who welcomed them in their offices and introduced us to their work and activities. They were very enthusiastic about the Droplet project they presented to them. Each team member gave a presentation according to their area of expertise (IT, PR, project coordinator).

After the meeting, they visited the voluntary blood donation event at the Faculty of Physics, which was a great success. They got acquainted with the assertiveness of the voluntary blood donors as well as with the promotional activities they carry out.

“We feel that our visit was very successful and that we gained a lot of experience from this mobility program.” – Harun, Lejla, Stefan & Ismail

From Nikšić (Montenegro) to Novi Sad (Serbia) - Earth Soldiers

Earth Soldiers team chose Serbia (Novi Sad) for regional mobility because it’s a potential market for their business and also because they have more than enough experience (been functioning since 1960) regarding outdoor ecological activities. One team member, Luka Minic, was part of this trip. He visited Goranski eco camps and was part of the workshops held in Sremski Karlovci, in Ecological Center Radulovački, in which they provide accommodation for children of various ages. The national park Fruška Gora was one of the destinations where they led children, as well as the Danube river, on which they had a boat ride and did experiments with birds, clay, trees, etc. Three days had been spent on these locations, including a tour through Sremski Karlovci, a place abundant with history and tradition.

The first day they had a workshop in Stražilovo, which is the starting point in Fruška Gora. Children from the peripheral area got familiar with the national park, learned about the protected species that inhabit the area, did workshops about plants, insects and animals typical to that area and beyond, and they even improved their knowledge by making perfumes out of plants, as well as different figures out of materials that could be found around them.

The second day was reserved for a hiking tour to the monument of Branko Radičević, a famous Serbian poet, and during the hiking tour, they got familiar with the surroundings, plants that live there, about the culture of the place and exercised their bodies to the fullest.

The third day was reserved for the Danube river. A boat ride helped them get familiar with one of the biggest rivers in Europe. Then they had workshops on the shore, regarding birds that inhabit the area as well as fish. They learned about rivers, countries through which the Danube goes and made various animals and insects out of clay. One of the groups was with older persons with disability problems, for example – Down syndrome, autism. They found out a lot about the area, protective species and even showed great interest and knowledge about some interesting facts regarding the wilderness and the world around us.

“This has been a super useful experience and a potential chance for a future cooperation. The regional cooperation in general is a great way to affect the Balkans, improve our collaboration and affect all those who strive to the same vision of all of us living in a healthier and more prosperous times!” – Luka

From Rahovec (Kosovo*) to Tirana (Albania) - 35 Degrees

The 35Degrees team chose Albania for the regional mobility because Albania is the next main target group after Kosovo and they could get in touch with an expert and a partner to support their project in the future. Two team members, Fatbardh Kabashi and Artina Kabashi, participated in this trip.
During their stay in Albania, they met the famous designer AGI Haxhimurati, who has created some of the most powerful brands such as “BunkArt”, “HardhFest”, and “Airport Tiranes”, etc. They had a long talk with him and his team in order to understand the creation process of a powerful brand that crosses borders. They made different analyses of their idea of competition and ways in which they will be able to present their work visually in public. Together they also talked about possible cooperation in the future of their social enterprise and these conversations led to some very fruitful ideas for the future. The 2 risers then met with the Albanian RISE winner, Musa Coha, with whom they discussed the progress of their projects and the possibilities for future cooperation.

On the second day of their visit, they went to the offices of LBO Albania, RYCO, where they found a very warm welcome from all the staff. They spent time talking at length about Ryco’s projects and the 35 degrees project, the social impacts they want to achieve and the needs of young people in their country.

Later in the day, they also had the chance to meet Sonila from YSB who gave them some very important advice in terms of marketing and other topics.

As they spent the third day tasting Bagels from New York – Tirana Bagels, a social enterprise that is having a huge impact on young and courageous women, the conversation that took place there was truly inspiring about how social entrepreneurs can create a better life for the community. After being inspired by the history and work of New York-Tirana Bagels, they continued their visit to some of the most beautiful places in Tirana, concluding the regional mobility program with new knowledge, new collaborations and indescribable inspiration.

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