RISE Expedition, Social Entrepreneurs Are Exploring The Region

In celebration of the regional approach of the RISE project, Risers will participate in a 3 to 7 day mobility programme, exploring concepts similar to their idea in the social economy sector in Western Balkans. This programme is called the RISE Expedition.

The RISE Expedition is a valuable and enriching experience that can provide Risers with unique opportunities to learn and grow.

One of the main objectives of the Expedition is to enable young social entrepreneurs to meet their peers and potential partners and discuss their solutions and journeys with them. Experience exchange will allow them to broaden their vision and improve their knowledge of the sector of social economy in Western Balkans., as well as create an opportunity to develop a network of partners.

In addition to learning and networking, the RISE Expedition is an opportunity to learn about their peers from other parts of the Western Balkans Six. By visiting new places and meeting new people, participants can gain a deeper understanding of the region and the diversity of human experiences. This exposure can help to foster empathy and tolerance, and can equip them with cross-cultural skills.

Last year, this regional expedition proved to be very beneficial to the Risers. Twelve teams of Risers travelled around the region to meet members of local incubators, organisations, established social enterprises, local RYCO offices, and their colleagues and peers from the RISE Journey.

“This program exceeded our expectations. By meeting local entrepreneurs from Serbia, we managed to extend our knowledge on certain topics and learn things from their own experiences. We are truly grateful for the opportunity and richer with a few more contacts that we could lean on for advice in the future.”
Yes For Less
Katerina & Sara

This year, the opportunity was extended to six other teams from the Ideation Chapter who have shown their motivation to create a positive impact in their community. In total, eighteen teams of Risers will travel to one or two destinations in the Western Balkans between May and September 2023.

To keep track of their expedition, follow RISE on social media

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