Empowering Local Incubators: RISE Ensures Capacity Building

As the world of social entrepreneurship continues to evolve, building the capacity of the social incubators is critical in remaining relevant and impactful. The RISE project, which began with a capacity-building program in phase one, is now moving on to the next stage of capacity-building by providing several trainings for 12 project managers from Local Incubators involved in the project. 

Train the Trainer: Enhancing Skills to Empower Others

The Train the Trainer program is a dynamic and interactive program designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and techniques needed to effectively train others. This program recognizes the pivotal role trainers play in imparting knowledge and building capacity among young social entrepreneurs in Western Balkans.

The trainer training program boasts a myriad of objectives. These encompass reinforcing and refining the training skills and expertise of the participants, imparting insights into diverse pedagogical concepts, and showcasing best practices linked to social entrepreneurship, interculturalism, and gender inclusivity. This program places a significant emphasis on fostering cooperation among RISE project partners. Consequently, each Local Incubator elevates its standing and garners recognition within the ecosystem, earning access to new funding opportunities and projects at the local and regional levels.

PULSE Key Training Courses for Social Incubators

As part of the launch of the RISE Journey 4, PULSE orchestrated three prominent training courses designed specifically for project managers operating within RISE-affiliated incubators in the Western Balkans.

The first of these workshops revolved around the establishment of a sustainable business model. Here, participants were equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate the concept of social impact into a traditional business model, thus enriching their ability to provide value and meaning in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

The second course, “Gender Mainstreaming,” had a distinct focus on raising awareness of gender bias within organisations. This session was dedicated to identifying actionable steps that can be taken to promote gender diversity and inclusivity, particularly emphasizing the integral role of women in these establishments.

The final training session centered on the art of “Sourcing,” where project managers honed their abilities in identifying and recruiting entrepreneurs for inclusion in support programs. This session incorporated the sharing of best practices, facilitating the search for suitable candidates.

By honing their skills, developing their expertise in social entrepreneurship and encouraging a learner-centred approach, RISE Local Incubator teams will significantly enhance their overall learning experience and support the development of a knowledge-sharing culture.

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