RISE Expedition, A Journey of Collaboration and Exploration

In the regional dynamic that inspires the RISE project, three motivated teams of young social entrepreneurs involved in the RISE Journey 3 are embarking on a remarkable travel. Their mission is to forge links between their ingenious social enterprise concepts and the parallel innovations developing in the Western Balkans. This exceptional initiative is the RISE Expedition, a name that sounds like a journey of exploration.

From Podgorica (Montenegro) to Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Milica, a dedicated member of the Komunumo team, recently had the incredible privilege of traveling to Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Her journey was part of the RISE expedition, with the aim of forging strong connections with peers and experienced businesses, exploring similar models of social entrepreneurship, exchanging ideas and experiences, and fostering future partnerships.

During her time in Sarajevo, Milica had the opportunity to meet representatives from the local branch of RYCO (Regional Youth Cooperation Office) as well as the local incubator, Nešto Više. These meetings proved invaluable as she gained insight into the current projects of her partner organizations in the RISE project. Not only did these conversations provide valuable advice on the future development of Komunumo, but they also highlighted exciting opportunities for collaboration and mutual growth with the Nešto Više team.

Milica also had the pleasure of meeting individuals who are making a significant impact in Sarajevo’s social entrepreneurship landscape. Adela Ramić and Sejdefa Bašić, from the renowned Mozaik Foundation, shared their initiatives aimed at empowering and investing in young individuals to become exemplary leaders in local communities. Their discussions highlighted the compatibility between the visions and objectives of Mozaik Foundation and Komunumo.

Adding to the enriching experience, Milica engaged in conversations with Veldin Lisičić and Edina Hasić from the Green Energy Wind team. As Risers Alumni who participated in the RISE Journey 2 incubation program, they provided valuable insights into the challenges and successes of social entrepreneurship in Sarajevo.

In addition to the professional meetings, Milica also took the opportunity to reconnect with friends and acquaintances in Sarajevo. Together, they explored important sites such as Živa vatra, Baš Čaršija, and the Gavrilo Princip Bridge. These casual encounters not only deepened her understanding of the local culture but also facilitated the exchange of ideas and experiences.

The knowledge gained, the connections made, and the exchange of knowledge during Milica’s expedition have laid a solid foundation for future collaboration in the region. This visit has underscored the importance of international partnerships in encouraging social entrepreneurship and promoting positive social change. By sharing ideas and expertise, communities like Sarajevo can work together to create a better future.

From Tirana (Albania) to Podgorica (Montenegro)

The Almanart team recently embarked on a RISE Expedition to Montenegro, as part of their mission to connect with similar concepts in Western Balkans. Gjyljana and Erjon, two members of the team, participated in this explorative journey.

The trip provided an opportunity for the Almanart team to meet Andjela Djokic, a representative from “My Guide Montenegro”, with whom they shared their ideas for the development of the Almanart platform. Andjela offered advice on creating effective marketing strategies and optimising offers for potential clients. The visit to “My Guide Montenegro” led to the concretization of ideas for future services and a deeper understanding of marketing strategies for the Albanian and foreign citizen audience.

The team also visited IEC Tehnopolis, a local organisation that implements the RISE project in Montenegro. The Almanart team met with Bozidar Colakovic, who explained the workings of their organisation, and Tihomir Cuzovic, who presented the different laboratories and their necessity. During their visit, Drazen Vujisisc was instrumental in helping the team understand each laboratory and offered photos of the setup. The team had a closer look at the workings of IEC Tehnopolis laboratories and gained insights into their work in the region.

The young social entrepreneurs also had a meeting with the representatives of RYCO local branch office, where they discussed the importance of cooperation in the Western Balkan region, their ongoing projects and collaborations in the field of youth.

In addition to these meetings, the team took the opportunity to explore Montenegro’s rich cultural offerings, including visits to the Clock Tower, Museum Montenegro, National Theatre Montenegro, Montenegrin Royal Theater Zetski Dom, and the Ethnographic Museum. 

Overall, the RISE Expedition was an exceptional experience for the Almanart team that allowed them to create new connections, discover potential collaborations in the tourism sector and explore Montenegro’s cultural offerings. This trip enabled Gjyljana and Erjon to return to their work with renewed enthusiasm and fresh insight into the possibilities of cross-border collaborations.

From Belgrade (Serbia) to Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Ivona and Igor chose to visit Bosnia-Herzegovina’s capital city, Sarajevo, on a mission. Their goal was to explore the vibrant community of non-profit organizations and businesses that share similar social innovation ideas to their own initiative, Radionica.

Their trip began with two meetings with RISE project partners, the Regional Youth Cooperation Office, and the Nešto Više incubator. This was an excellent opportunity for the team to learn about both organizations’ inspiring and impactful projects. Nikola, representing the RYCO Local Branch Office, and Adem, the project manager at Nešto Više, provided the Radionica team with valuable ideas and advice.

The next stop brought Ivona and Igor to Dizzart, a local company that produces advanced CNC machines. Dizzart also offers three-month-long robotics training courses to reduce unemployment rates in the canton of Sarajevo. At the company, the team had the opportunity to learn about the business’s experience, vision, and goals. Additionally, they got hands-on experience operating Dizzart’s cutting-edge robots.

The following visit was to Fab Lab, a creative hub equipped with dozens of 3D printers, 3D scanners, robots, electronics labs, and VR labs. Their gracious host, Edin, introduced them to the center’s various initiatives while sharing the lab’s past successes and failures.

Finally, the Radionica team also visited Točak, a bicycle manufacturer that has evolved into an impressive woodworking marketplace. Here, Ivona and Igor could hear from more established companies that share similar social innovation ideas to their own.

This exciting trip offered the Radionica team an incredible opportunity to (re)discover Sarajevo’s history, nature, and gastronomy. More importantly, their path crossed with incredible organizations, each making a positive impact in their unique way.

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